Additional Meta-Data for Devices and Datasets

ABB Field Information Manager Learning Center

User messages are an option to provide additional meta-data for devices and datasets.

The user message dialog can be opened via Device Tile Context Menu - MORE - USER MESSAGE for one or more selected devices and datasets.

User Message Dialog

Each submitted user message (including all additional meta-data) is documented in the corresponding Audit Trail event "User Message" of Device Status Dashboard.

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User Message Texts and Templates

The free text input field allows remarks on devices or datasets. Up to 10 texts can be saved as templates for later use as standardized inputs.

The last submitted user message text of a device or dataset is also displayed in the column "User Message" of Configuration View. This allows filtering on entries or searching for entries with a certain user message.

Custom Device Fields

Custom device fields are defined in Tools Menu - PROJECTS - CUSTOM DEVICE FIELDS and represent certain states of devices and datasets. A possible example could be e.g. a complete lifecycle with "Commissioned", "Calibrated", "In Operation", "Maintenance Required" etc. in order to describe the commissioning status according to the field activities.

All defined custom device fields appear in the user message dialog and can be set there. All set custom device fields are also displayed in the column "Custom Device Fields" of Configuration View. This allows filtering on entries or searching for entries with certain set fields.

Custom Device Fields


Reminders help to keep track of future activities planned for devices and datasets.

Reminders are configured with a date and time at which they become active. All configured reminders are listed in the Info Center tab card "Reminders", with the ones becoming active next at the top. Details of a reminder can be displayed again to show the complete submitted user message. Reminders can also be canceled before they become active.

A bubble indicator within the Info Center tab card "Reminders" informs about currently active reminders. The user can complete the corresponding activities and accept the reminder to mark it as finished.

List of Reminders in Info Center

Device Management

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