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The Compare Datasets function offers the possibility to compare:

  • The offline and online datasets of a field device.
  • The online datasets of different field devices.
  • The offline datasets of different field devices or templates.
The function can be started via the context menu – MORE – COMPARE. Bulk operations are supported, too.


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Compare Results

The comparison leads to the following results:
  • Equal: All parameters that exist in both datasets are equal. If the datasets contain different parameters, the subset of the parameters is equal. This is often the case when online and offline datasets are compared.
  • Mismatch: at least one compared parameter contains different values. The user can take over parameter values from one dataset to the other by using the “<” and “>” buttons.
  • Not comparable: The datasets cannot be compared by FIM. Most likely the parameters of the datasets does not match each other. This can happen if completely different field devices will be compared.

Compare datasets, like e.g. offline dataset with field device dataset

The Compare View can be started on a field device object or offline dataset / template via Context Menu – MORE – COMPARE. The view compares the parameter sets of a single device (online parameter sets compared with offline parameter sets), compares a field device online dataset with another field device dataset, or compares a set of field devices with a template dataset in bulk.

The Compare Views identifies the parameters by name and path in the EDD. The EDD path is available with using the tooltip on the parameter name. 

The compare result is “equal”, “mismatch” or “not comparable”. In terms of mismatch, the user can transfer the parameter value from one "side" to the other "side", by using the “<” or “>” buttons. Finally the Update button is required to start the transfer.

It is recommended to use the compare function after a backup restore to evaluate differences between your online and restored offline parameter sets.

Support for Namespaces and Common Names

The Compare Datasets function also supports Namespaces and their defined Common Names.

The Namespace can be selected at the top of the Compare Datasets view and allows a comparison of different device types based on existing mappings of Common Names. Instead of the specific parameter names, the mapped Common Names are displayed.

If a Common Name is not mapped to both used datasets, the compare result is "Common Name not assigned". A mapping of Common Names for both used datasets (i.e. the used Device Packages) is required before starting the comparison.

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