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Device Views are available for physically connected devices or for offline Device Datasets.
The Device View header contains the word –DEVICE– if the view connects to a physical device, or the view header contains the work –OFFLINE– if the view connects to an Offline Dataset.

Most of the device views provide status information in front of the input element. The tooltip of these elements provides more details about the status. The following status information is available:


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Device Bar

Any device containing open views appears in the Device Bar. The Device Bar provides quick access to other open device views. A Device Tile disappears from the Device Bar automatically once all corresponding views are closed.

The Device Bar is located in the top of the Field Information Manager window. The current device view is highlighted in blue color.


Close all open views for a particular device

CLOSE ALL VIEWS command is available via Device Tile preview area.

  1. Select a Device Tile from either the Topology Tool or Device Bar of Field Information Manager.
  2. Click or touch into the Device Tile right part to open up the preview area showing all available open views.
  3. From the preview area please select the item CLOSE ALL VIEWS.

Open a device view in a new window

The user can open a visible device view in another window by using the tab area which is available close to the left side of the control buttons (SEND, UNDO, CLOSE buttons).
Opening a device view in another window is supported as soon as more than one tab card is available (like two tabs in the picture below: DEVICE SETTINGS and CONFIGURATION).

How to open a device view in another window:

  1. Select the "three dots" icon that is appearing close by the tab name (like CONFIGURATION in the example above).
  2. In the upcoming menu, please select "Open in new window".
  3. The new created window appears in the preview area of the Device Tile.

Zoom a device view

Zooming a view is supported for several views. Please look out for the zooming buttons and a view can be zoomed as soon as they exist on that view.

Please select the “+” button and the view will appear larger.
Please select the “-“ button and the view will appear smaller.
Please select the “1:1” button to reset the view appearance to the original state.

Zoom a device trend

Device trends (e.g. in OPERATE or DIAGNOSTIC) can be investigated in detail with the mouse.

The values of the current mouse position are displayed next to the mouse pointer.
The displayed buttons or the mouse wheel can be used to zoom into the trend and display e.g. a smaller range of values in more detail.
The 1:1 button or a double click with left mouse button into the trend restores the original value range.

Multiple Device Views

A Multiple Device View consists of up to 4 single device views. It can be created by Drag & Drop of a single device view from the preview area into the currently open view. The position of single views can be rearranged via Drag & Drop.


Create a multiple device view - VIDEO

ABB Field Information Manager can display up to 4 views on one screen. This is called Multiple View.

How to create a multiple device view:

  1. Open at least two device views, like DEVICE SETTINGS and DIAGNOSTIC (use the Device Tile, then open the Context Menu, then select DEVICE SETTINGS, and repeat for DIAGNOSTIC).
  2. Select the Device Tile from the Device Bar and click into the right area. The click will open up the preview.
  3. Drag & drop one of the previews into the currently visible view. Please keep the mouse button selected and move the mouse pointer to another part of the visible view, like the left or upper part, and release the mouse button as soon as the dropping area fits.
  4. The multiple view has been created. Please repeat previous steps with any other views from the same Device Tile or other Device Tiles. It is also possible to drag some menu items from the Context Menu and drop them on another view to create a multiple device view.

Re-order a multiple device view

A multiple device view can be re-ordered and the position of a single view can be changed.

How to re-order a multiple device view:

  1. Create a multiple device view.
  2. Select the header of a single view and drag & drop that view to another position of the multiple device view.
  3. Please release the mouse button as soon as the new position has been reached.

Search in List Views

The upper left part of the List View screen offers a Search box which works quite similar to the search engines in the web.


The search will watch the complete content of the List View and highlight those strings where the search string is contained.

How to search:

  1. Select the Search box.
  2. Type in the first characters of the string you intend to search for.
  3. The Field Information Manager shows a drop down list with the results.
  4. You can hit <ENTER> key of the keyboard to update the List View according to your typed in characters, or you can click an item of the drop down list to start updating the view.

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