Import and Export of CSV Template for Datasets

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Field Information Manager supports the export and import of CSV Template for Datasets which allows easy and efficient bulk handling of datasets.

The import and export of CSV Templates for Datasets replaced the import of Engineering Data from previous versions of Field Information Manager.

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Export of CSV Template

A CSV template can be exported for a selection of various templates and offline datasets/device instances via Tools Menu - OFFLINE - EXPORT - CSV TEMPLATE.

Export CSV Template for Datasets Dialog

The type of export file is selected at the start of the process:

  • Based on Device Package:
    The generated CSV template contains the specific parameter names of the used device package as column names. One CSV template is generated per used device package if the selection of offline datasets and device instances uses different device packages. Each CSV template contains the selected offline datasets and device instances using the corresponding device package. The file names are auto-generated and include the device package name and revision for identification.
  • Based on Common Names:
    One or more Namespaces are selected which define the list of Common Names available as parameter columns within the CSV template. Common Names allow to include all selected offline datasets and device instances in one CSV template, but are limited to the assigned Common Names. Multiple Namespaces are supported in one CSV template.

The generated CSV file contains a pre-defined structure with all available information for the selected entries:
  • CSV file header with information about file type, selected Namespaces and selected templates (incl. package name and revision).
  • Selected templates are listed so that they can be specified as a base for new datasets.
  • Selected offline datasets/device instances are listed as data rows with parameter values of the offline dataset (if available) as preparation for offline engineering in next step.

Offline Engineering in CSV Template

The exported CSV template allows different activities with regards to offline engineering:
  • A completely new offline dataset can be created by specifying one of the listed templates and defining parameter values.
  • A new offline dataset for a previously selected device instance can be created (if not existing before).
  • An existing offline dataset can be updated by overwriting existing parameter values with the ones from the CSV template.


All described activities can be done in one CSV file, i.e. new offline datasets can be created and parameter values of existing ones can be updated at the same time.

Import of CSV Template

A CSV Template for Datasets can be imported via the "Import Datasets" button in Configuration View or via Drag & Drop.

Please ensure the following criteria for a successful import:
  • Used templates must be available with the specified name.
  • A completely new offline dataset must have a specified template as a base that matches with the device package type and revision.
  • An entered parameter value must be of a matching data type.
  • An update of an existing offline dataset must be confirmed by setting the column "OVERWRITE EXISTING OFFLINE DATASET (YES/NO)" to "YES".

If importing a CSV Template for Datasets which is based on Common Names, please also ensure the following criteria:
  • Specified Namespaces and Common Names must be defined.
  • An assignment of a Common Name to a parameter must exist for the corresponding device package.

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