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The Device Catalog is part of the Tools Menu and this is the place where to handle the Device Packages and fm8 EDD files. The user can import new Device Packages via drag & drop of the Device Package file into the tool. Each Device Package is represented as a Device Package Tile object. The Device Package information and functionality is available on a Context Menu that will appear after a click on the Tile.

Device Catalog

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Device Package and Package Assignment

The FIM requires FDI Device Packages or EDD files in fm8 format to establish a connection to a device. The packages are stored in the Device Catalog which is available via the Tools Menu. The user can import new packages or EDD files via drag & drop. For new identified devices FIM will automatically use the best available package, but the user can replace the package to another one if needed.


HART Generic Device Package

The Generic Device Package supports HART Universal- and Common Practice Commands. The package is prepared to get used for each HART device which is available on the market. However, when available, a Device Package supplied by the instrumentation vendor should be used.

Import a FDI Device Package or fm8 EDD file - VIDEO

The installation of Field Information Manager contains basic Generic Device Packages that can be used for the most available HART field devices. However, each user can import vendor specific Device Packages files or EDD files into the Field Information Manager at any time.

The most efficient way is to drag & drop a single file or a complete file folder into the Field Information Manager frame independent of the current visible view.

The Field Information Manager will generate a report as soon as import has finished. You can export that report with a click on the EXPORT button.

Replace a Device Package or EDD file for a device instance - VIDEOS

The Field Information Manager will assign the best available Device Package soon after a device has been detected. However, the user can replace the used Device Package in Field Information Manager if required.

Device Package and package assignment:

  1. Select a Device Tile open the Context Menu.
  2. From the Context Menu please select the item MORE > REPLACE DEVICE PACKAGE.
  3. A dialog appears showing a list with available Device Packages or EDD files which match the used device.
  4. Use a mouse double click and select the Device Package or EDD file you intend to change to.

Remove a Device Package from the Device Catalog

Any imported Device Packages can be removed from the Device Catalog at a later point in time. However, Device Packages or EDD files which are part of the Field Information Manager installation cannot be removed from the Device Catalog.

Note: ABB Generic Device Packages cannot be removed.

  1. Open the Device Catalog from the Field Information Manager Tools Menu.
  2. Use the Device Package Tile from the Device Catalog and open the Context Menu.
  3. From the Context Menu please select the item REMOVE DEVICE PACKAGE.
  4. The Field Information Manager will guide you through the removal process.

Enable / disable User Interface Plugin support

The Field Information Manager provides an option to disable the FDI User Interface Plugins.

  1. Open the Options via Field Information Manager Tools Menu.
  2. Select the option PLUGIN SUPPORT.
  3. On the view appearing on the right please set the setting to DISABLE. This will turn off the User Interface Plugin support.
  4. Click the ACCEPT button to confirm the changes.
  5. From now on, all User Interface Plugins are disabled and cannot be used any longer.

Access FieldComm certified EDDs

The Device Catalog offers a button which will open the FieldComm Group HCF (HART Communication Foundation) catalog of certified EDDs. You can use that option if you require a vendor specific EDD file for your device.

How to access FieldComm certified EDDs:

  1. Open the Device Catalog via Tools Menu.
  2. Select the button “FieldComm Group EDDs” and the Field Information Manager will start an internet browser showing the catalog of certified devices.
  3. Please browse for the device you are searching for and register yourself to receive the selected EDD per E-Mail.
  4. Please drag & drop the received EDD file into the Field Information Manager main frame, which will start the import automatically.

Establish access to Online Repository

Field Information Manager supports connections to the following Online Repositories:
  • ABB Repository
  • FieldComm Group Repository

If the machine running Field Information Manager is unable to connect to the Online Repositories, please check your internet connection and configuration first. If it cannot be solved, please contact ABB Technical Support.

Device Package Handling

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