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The Offline Repository can be used to create an offline collection of FDI Device Packages, EDDs and definition files for communication hardware.


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Create an Offline Repository

It is created via the "Offline Repository Handling" mode, that can be entered within the top menu of Device Catalog. All cloud-based Repositories serve as input for selecting the required Device Packages within this mode.

Select the Device Packages, open the context menu and click OFFLINE REPOSITORY. Specify destination folder and file name and start the process. The current status and number of downloaded Device Packages is displayed within the progress dialog.

After creation, the new Offline Repository is stored in the specified local file for further use, e.g. to move it to another machine which has no connection to the cloud-based Repositories.

Add an Offline Repository

The created Offline Repository can be added to FIM in Tools Menu – OPTIONS – REPOSITORY SETTINGS by referencing the Offline Repository file.The referenced file must be accessible by the Field Information Manager Server and its service user account.

The added Offline Repository is then included automatically in the next update of the Device Catalog. 

The Device Catalog only displays elements of included Offline Repositories for which a suitable FIM license exists.

The service user of the Field Information Manager Server must have access to the specified Offline Repository file. An error message is displayed if this access is not given.

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