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General information about Repositories

The FIM contains an access to online repositories providing the software instant worldwide access to FDI device packages and other EDD files. Current FIM version supports the ABB Repository and the FieldComm Group Repository.

The ABB Cloud Repository contains Device Packages for ABB field devices.
The FieldComm Group Repository contains Device Packages for field devices of various manufacturers. For more information, please refer to the FCG website:
Fieldcomm Group Repository for registered FDI package and EDDs

All FDI Device Packages of the Cloud Repositories will be shown in the Device Catalog of FIM. A special cloud package icon indicates that the FDI Device Package is available in the Cloud Repositories, but currently not downloaded into FIM. In order to use the FDI Device Packages from the Cloud Repositories the user has to download the Package via the Context Menu - DOWNLOAD.

It is also possible to exchange the used FDI Device Package for each field device. Via the Context Menu - MORE - REPLACE DEVICE PACKAGE also the FDI Device Packages of the Cloud Repositories will be offered. If the user selects a FDI Device Package of the cloud, then it will be downloaded and assigned automatically.


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Receive new packages by refreshing the Device Catalog

Usually during tool startup the software is updating the "cloud" packages and EDD files in the Device Catalog. This update requires an internet connection.
The user can run the "cloud" package update manually as well. Please open the Device Catalog via FIM Tools Menu and select the command bar button "Refresh" which will start the update. Based on the repository content and based on the internet connection speed the update might take some several seconds or minutes. You can watch the update progress in the INFO CENTER area which is located at the bottom of the tool frame.

Download a "cloud" package or EDD file

Please open the Device Catalog via FIM Tools Menu and watch for a "cloud" package. A "cloud" package has a different design compared to a local package. The "cloud" package text is colored in white color as well as the icon is colored white. The icon style of the tile shows a "cloud on a package". And the location column shows "...Repository".
Cloud package tile

Just open the Context Menu of a "cloud" package and select the item DOWNLOAD. The tool will guide you through the next steps until the package has been downloaded. As soon as downloaded, the package design is exchanging to black colored text and the cloud icon is exchanging to a package icon or edd icon. And the location column shows "local".
Cloud package tile after download

Exchange a device package to a "cloud" package without downloading the package first

The Field Information Manager supports the user in exchanging a device package, even the package is a "cloud" package and has not been downloaded so far.
For exchanging the device package, i.e. from generic package to a vendor specific package, please access your device from the Topology View or Configuration View. Then open the device tile Context Menu - MORE - REPLACE DEVICE PACKAGE.
The tool will propose the best package to use. The proposed package is marked with an aim in front of the package tile. In this example, the proposed package is a "cloud" package of ABB Repository.
Be aware that the currently used package is check marked in the USED column, which is in our example the generic package.

Exchange to cloud package

Please accept the dialog with OK and the tool will automatically download the "cloud" package and exchange to this package. After that exchange the device is using the new package. 

Finding the signature information of a "cloud" package

Just open the Context Menu of a "cloud" package and select the item DETAILS. This will open another view with all details of the selected "cloud" package. At the bottom of that view the signature information is listed.

Information about successful repository update

The INFO CENTER area contains the information about the repository updates. Just open the INFO CENTER area that you will find at the bottom left part of the tool frame. The INFO CENTER area is usually visible on screen and pinned, but the user can unpin the area if required.

Device Package Handling

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