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User Management allows the configuration of access rights for specific users in order to only allow certain actions in Field Information Manager.

When starting Field Information Manager for the first time after a fresh installation, it is mandatory to have full access in order to import the FIM license. After successful import of FIM license, other user roles can be used.


By default, user roles are defined in the following file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB\Field Information Manager\ABB Field Information Manager Server\ABB.DM.Server.exe.config". The configuration file can be opened with any text editor, but administrator rights are required for saving changes.

Changes in user management configuration become active after restart of Field Information Manager Server.

At the end of the configuration file, there is a section providing instructions how to define user roles with examples to follow.

User Roles

A user is identified by the combination of the domain/workgroup/node name and the user name and can have one of the following user roles:
  • Basic Access: No functionality besides basic options.
  • Read-Only Access: All Read-Only operations are allowed, but it is not possible to change information in field devices or settings.
  • Write Access: All Write operations are allowed, but it is not possible to work on global administrative settings
  • Full Access: All operations are possible.

In addition, the user role "App Access" can be granted to allow execution of Apps in Field Information Manager. A combination of the user roles listed above with App Access is possible. Full Access includes App Access automatically.

Without a configured User Management, all users are considered as Full Access automatically.
In case of configured User Management, not defined users are considered as Basic Access automatically to avoid unintentional access.

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