Sugar application library

The ABB`s sugar application library features a range of real-time automation templates for sugar processing applications in beet and cane sugar refineries.

The primary objective of the library is to provide sugar industry-specific template object types that are standardized, optimized, consistent, and tested to address challenges in the sugar industry.

It fulfills major process area requirements, including Batch Vacuum PansContinuous Crystallizers, Centrifuges, Candle Filters, Falling Film Evaporators, Ion Exchanger Units, and Decalcification systems

The Sugar Library is a collection of libraries built under the ABB Ability™ System 800xA using AC 800M objects. The library includes function block types, control module types, template object types, faceplates, and graphic display elements that can be used for the execution of the optimized process automation applications in the sugar industry.

Sugar library components

The sugar library is built from knowledge attained through collaboration with major process and equipment suppliers and sugar manufacturers. This ensures that the latest tested process control philosophies are incorporated within the library.

The library includes function block types, control module types, template object types, faceplates, and graphic display elements that can be used for the efficient execution of a process automation project in the sugar industry. Templates are complete functional units, ready for use and which can be adapted to specific user needs or process requirements.

Targeted outcomes and benefits of the library

  • Reductions in automation engineering allow users to focus on process optimization
  • Increase in engineering and operational efficiency through ready-made control schemes and high-performance HMI visualizations
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership by providing an industry-specific scalable automation architecture
  • Lower plant energy consumption with optimized control loops
  • Efficient operator training and a reduction in plant commissioning

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Ready-made control schemes and High Performance HMI visualizations for sugar process areas

Batch Vacuum Pan

Better control for steam economy, better shape &
homogeneity for crystals

Continuous chrystallizers

Optimal brix control, efficient monitoring, optimize resources and energy usage, overall process and equipment efficiency

Vertical continuous crystallizers

Optimal brix control, efficient monitoring, optimize resources and energy usage, overall process and equipment efficiency


Speed curves for operator for better monitoring of the process

Candle filters

Multistage filtration support, backwash sequence support, filter cleaning support to avoid scaling

Falling Film Evaporators

Managing steam economy and optimal density control with the OEM evaporator equipment used, data logging for analysis

Production and Regeneration
Ion Exchanger Units

Efficient queuing logic support for Backwash, Regeneration and Fast Rinse phases, improve productivity and quality when multiple Ion Exchanger columns are available, optimal decolorization for right quality colored sugar

Production and Regeneration

Flexible juice deliming and resin regeneration sequences, efficient and configurable queuing logic support for Backwash, Regeneration and Rinse phases to improve productivity and
quality, efficient decalcification

Components for control and supervision

Process graphics
Control dialogs
Operator notes/reports
Alarm and event list
Control configuration

Sugar industry challenges

Lowering energy consumption and emissions

The sugar application library provides precise control of processes and detailed process data that helps benchmark operational costs such as energy use.

The vacuum pan library control loops are designed for monitoring and controlling the circulation, crystal growth time, and steam consumption during every boiling batch, which helps to reduce and eliminate energy waste with stable operation.

Increase asset utilization and production efficiency

With high-performance HMI visualizations based on the aspect-object process control philosophy, the sugar application library provides a comprehensive control and simple operation interface, precise diagnostics, and alarm management.

This increases the operating efficiency, shortens the troubleshooting time and boosts asset utilization. Using the full capability of the 800xA DCS system, users can connect, control, and assess each component not only in a single plant but also in connected plants with ABB's digital offerings to reduce inventory costs.

Improving quality and reducing variations

The reduction of the cost of production and the quality of the end product are among the most important challenges for the sugar industry.

The sugar library provides templates for processes for efficient juice preparation cycles and modern sugar refining handling practices for pan boiling.

ABB’s System 800xA integrated DCS platform and sugar application library provide continuous control and precise handling of all process steps to ensure a consistent and high-quality product is produced every time.

The sugar application library ensures that recipes are executed consistently from affination through drying, and that critical quality and process data is directly linked to specific phases of each batch cycle. It provides a simple human-machine interface (HMI) that makes it easier for the operator to control their equipment from feedstock to end-product.

DCS for today and the future

ABB understands and offers solutions with an integrated platform based on the proven 800xA DCS to address the challenges in the sugar industry.

The full potential of digitalized sugar production processes lies in a seamless interoperability between people, assets, and production processes as well as enterprise systems and effective use of the available data. The ABB solution combines proven, well-designed DCS architecture with the use of digital offerings to address issues faced by the sugar industry. Our digital solutions, from field to ERP level, help sugar producers to provide competitive products, boost profitability, reduce product development costs, and grow their business in a climate of increasing globalization. 

The DCS of tomorrow

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