System 800xA Manages the Most Hazardous Material Management Plant in Izmit, Turkey

Better Performance and More Efficient Management of an Environment-Friendly Plant


The waste removal and incineration industry as a whole is facing problems with huge data and the lack of fewer supports decision. The decision makers were worried about the lack of tools to make root cause analysis. Wrong management of alarms in the process, is also causing some production issues in the plants. A lot of different production problems can be resolved with engineering efficiency in programming, commissioning and proper maintenance of essential documentation.

The growing population of the world raises concerns for improved waste management systems that can make use of all the refuse and trash without harming the environment. Companies like IZAYDAS, located in Izmit, Turkey, are taking the initiative and developing processes to accomplish the task of waste management without damaging our surroundings or the atmosphere. The plant was established in 1996 and ever since it has been working to create cleaner waste removal systems.

Recently they undertook an ambitious expansion plan, which increased the effectiveness of the plant even further. The plan proposed a system consisting of 4 operator workplaces, 1 pc redundant PM865, 1 pc redundant PM866 and around 4,000 I/Os in total. They brought ABB and its partner NORM MUHENDISLIK into the fold to help them implement the plan.

Working with IZAYDAS was significant because they are a big name in the global energy industry and this particular plant is their biggest hazardous waste management plant in Turkey. It was also a challenge for ABB because the project was the biggest upgrade project from Siemens S5 to 800xA platform in the country.

Main facts

Industry Energy & Utilities
Customer IZAYDAS
Country Turkey
Solutions System 800xA
System integrator

Continuous operations during the upgrade

NORM MUHENDISLIK was brought in for their expertise in engineering and construction. The plant expansion plan required the involvement of Turkey’s best construction company. NORM MUHENDISLIK has extensive experience with building infrastructures and buildings that are marvels of engineering. They were instrumental in helping ABB integrate their control systems in the expanded IZAYDAS plant.

IZAYDAS gave NORM MUHENDISLIK a very challenging project schedule – only 33 days for demounting of old panels, mounting of new panels, termination of cables, cold tests, loop tests, startup and commissioning. And the biggest challenge of all was the total number of I/O which was around 4,000 signals.

Another technical issue that reared its head at the beginning of the project was that ABB had no tool for converting logic from S5 to 800xA. And there was also the issue of poor documentation: plans, blueprints, reports, etc. The experts at ABB and NORM MUHENDISLIK, however, overcame these challenges and completed the implementation in the required timeframe and resolved all the issues along the way.

Combustion Control & BMS

IZAYDAS’ relationship with ABB began in October 2014. Their plant required simplified engineering, easy implementation, and fast commissioning. Their plant functions 24/7 and they didn’t have enough time shut down operations to upgrade their control systems. Furthermore, they needed the system to be more efficient and operator friendly. They also needed integrated DCS & ESD platforms.

An ideal control system for IZAYDAS would regulate the opening and closing of fuel and air inlets depending on the amount of flue gas. It would contain gas sensors, and provide constant feedback about oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide levels to the operator. This will drastically improve the output of the plant, offer better monitoring of the plant and keep the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide release to a minimum.

There is only one such system that can ensure that the plant functions at its maximum capacity, without producing large amounts of harmful byproducts – System 800xA from ABB can guarantee that only complete combustion reactions take place in the plant. Hence, IZAYDAS opted for System 800xA for their control system upgrade.

Gulay Serit, process maintenance manager at IZAYDAS
There isn’t another control system in the market that is as cost effective as the 800xA. The revolutionary ABB system also ensures that operators are able to perform their tasks at the highest efficiency rate.

System 800xA an integrated platform for DCS and ESD

The reason why IZAYDAS wanted an upgrade from Siemens S5 to 800xA integrated platform is expressed eloquently by Gulay Serit, the process maintenance manager at IZAYDAS:

“System 800xA fulfilled the requirements that are needed to modernize and optimize economically. It is easy to maintain, expand, implement, engineer and commission. We don’t require two separate system(s) for ESD & DSC. It will reduce our maintenance costs in the long term.

System 800xA provided us with a much needed integrated platform for DCS and ESD systems. There isn’t another control system in the market that is as cost effective as the 800xA. The revolutionary ABB system also ensures that operators are able to perform their tasks at the highest efficiency rate. ABB also offers local support for System 800xA.”

Their most significant issue was that they didn’t have any redundant ESD system in Siemens S5; now they have it with ABB’s 800xA HI. They also lacked an alarm management and reporting system in Siemens Coros, which is an integral part of 800xA operations. IZAYDAS didn’t have any integrated documentation, ABB provided that to the with the Aspect Objects technology. ABB’s MODBUS allows them to communicate with MV relays, which wasn’t possible before.

By utilizing the ABB System 800xA and 800xA HI, IZAYDAS can save a lot of operational costs. Better monitoring and more comprehensive control also allows them to save a significant amount of time in the processes. The plant will be operating at maximum efficiency, thanks to the sophisticated systems provided by ABB. The easy to use systems will bring up the operator efficiency as well, making the systems automatically more effective than anything that was implemented in the plant in the past. Also, there is the added advantage of producing reports for KPI tracking.

Before partnering up with ABB, IZAYDAS, understandably so, had some reservations: their existing system was Siemens, so naturally they had concerns about any other vendor not capable of modernizing the plant. And another thing that held them back was the fact that their decision makers had a petro-chemical background, which meant that they had a lack of awareness about 800xA system as DCS.

These perceptions only strengthened the resolve of the ABB team and they set out to clear all the concerns that the client had. ABB took care of these concerns by selecting the right partner for design and engineering and they let the client’s engineers get involved in the re-engineering of the code in Siemens S5 system, which put their mind at ease.

Gulay Serit, process maintenance manager at IZAYDAS
System 800xA fulfilled the requirements that are needed to modernize and optimize economically. It is easy to maintain, expand, implement, engineer and commission.

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