Process control and automation solutions for energy and utilities

Centralized control and supervision of the different subsystems in demanding operating conditions of electrical and thermal power supply chain

Power plants consume 5 % of the electricity they generate. This can be cut by 10 to 30 % by optimizing operations and auxiliary systems using sophisticated control systems and energy-efficient equipment.

Energy is also vital for industries to operate, with a reliable and stable energy supply for the motors that drive compressors, pumps, fans and machines. Some operate in areas where the public electricity supply is unreliable or non existent meaning they must rely heavily on their own generation capabilities. ABB enables companies to balance energy demands, to control energy costs, to enhance safety, and to mitigate environmental and health impacts. Advancing communication standards, converging platforms make it easier than ever to unify process automation and electrical systems, able to achieve 30% savings in engineering costs, 15% savings in installation time, and 20% savings in training costs.

ABB control technologies offer high operational security, maximum availability, remote maintenance possibility and an easy and quick way to upgrade to a new generation of control systems.


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