Process control and automation solutions for metals plants

ABB ranks as the world' s largest provider of process automation systems. We provide a common technology platform used by metals industries as a complete automation solution from melt shop to processing lines.

The System 800xA product family can be scaled to meet different customer needs from PLC functionality up to high-end rolling mill controller including technological controls, mathematical models and simulation packages. System 800xA also provides state-of-the-art visualization and diagnostics for the complex requirements in metals applications. Real-time access to all plant data support for faster decision-making and operator action.

Unrivaled in its scope, ABB is a global leader in instrumentation and analytical – certified to international standards and provides a wide variety of measurement products, including field bus technology, and gas analyzer systems, e.g. for emission monitoring.

Fast and accurate control of torque and speed under all operating conditions is an important precondition for the successful control of material thickness, flatness and tension. For metals applications, ABB has developed dedicated special drive functions to achieve highest performance speed and torque control – enabling our customers to optimize production while ensuring quality, minimizing wear and enhancing reliability.


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