Advant Controller 70 for Advant Master DCS

Migration and support for ABB Advant Controller 70 for Advant Master DCS, a fully modular controller for small PLC-type applications.

Advant Controller 70 is a modular process controller offering a full set of process control functions, from logic to regulatory control. It also provides a full range of process inputs and outputs for industry-standard d.c and a.c. signal levels and devices, including resistance-temperature sensors and thermocouples. Thus process devices can be wired up to the controllers with a minimum of signal conditioning. 

Digital process interfacing modules typically provide 16 channels while analog modules offer 8. Since an Advant Controller 70 can accommodate 12 I/O modules this means up to 192 digitals or 96 analogs per controller or any mix between the two extremes.

Up to 80 nodes can be installed along a single Advant Fieldbus 100, making a system of multiple Advant Controller 70s capable of managing many thousands of I/O.

The controller is programmed in AMPL, the graphic language used throughout Advant with Master software.

It can be programmed while being online to the process, making it easy to fix program errors and adapt the scheme to changing needs. I/O and communication modules can be replaced live to minimize the disturbances caused by hardware failures and system expansions.

Product Benefits
Advant Controller 70 is specifically designed for small PLC-type applications, but brings also considerable problem-solving power to analog signal handling and arithmetic applications. It is fully modular, with I/O modules plugged in Module Termination Units.

Advant Controller 70 is perfect to live and grow with, thanks to its multitude of expansion possibilities and its on-line programming capability. Designed to operate in demanding industrial environments it improves productivity, increases competitiveness and obtains peace of mind.

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

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