Advant Controller 160 for Advant Master DCS

Support and migration of ABB Advant Controller 160 for Advant Master DCS, a proven system for turbine control and protection for gas, steam and hydro turbines.

The wide range of Advant Controller 160 references includes Combined Cycle power stations delivered by Alstom and former ABB Stal, now Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery.

Advant Controller 160 provides powerful features:

  • Logic and sequence control
  • Regulatory and supervisory control
  • Positioning
  • Calculations and process optimization
  • Recording of alarms and events
  • Open interfaces to other systems via serial lines like Modbus, SERCOS, and Siemens 3964R
  • Password protection for application and engineering access
  • Scalable redundancy

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

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Technical Data
Advant Controller 160 provides various functions, such as:
  • Support for sequence of events thanks to accurate at-the-source, time tagging of events.
  • Redundancy forProcessor Modules, I/O Bus Extension, Advant Fieldbus 100, and Power Supply.
  • Fully integrated in System 800xA.
  • Multi-processing with up to 6 Processor Modules.
  • Wide range of central S600 and distributed S800 I/O modules offer maximum configuration possibilities. Recommended maximum capacity of some 1500 I/O points.
  • Support of local and central HMI for manual control, event and alarm handling
  • PowerPC based Processor Module PM665 with outstanding performance.
  • OPC connectivity via Advant OPC Server for Advant Fieldbus 100.
  • Support of Advant Fieldbus 100 with interface and cable redundancy.
  • Support of PROFIBUS-DP.
  • Support of RCOM/RCOM+, Siemens 3964R, and MODBUS I (RTU).
  • SERCOS interface (must be ordered directly at ABB Schweiz AG, c/o Alessio Squarise, Dept. PIDS, phone: +41 56 486-8904, fax: -9054). See links for general SERCOS information: or
  • Remote configuration via RCOM protocol or Advant Fieldbus 100 network.
  • Support of radio controlled clock DCF-77

The following tables describe important limitations of Advant Controller 160:

Item Max. no.
I/O Signals 1,500(1)
S600 I/O modules 75(1)
Basic Units 1
Subracks per Basic Unit 2
S600 I/O stations 7
Subracks per I/O station 2
S800 I/O stations connected to Advant Fieldbus 100 32
S800 I/O modules per I/O station 24
Advant Fieldbus 100 Communication Interface modules 1-8(2)
Processor Modules 6(3)
Submodule carrier modules (SC610) 1(4,5)
1 These limits are practical ones.
2 For non redundant communication with Advant Fieldbus 100, max. 4 modules of type CI626/CI627 can be used instead of CI630/CI631. In redundant configurations 4 pairs of CI630/CI631 must be used.
3 Must be placed into the controller basic subrack (position3 to 8)
4 SC610 can hold up to two MVI modules
5 Not supported by dual redundant Processor Modules (CPU redundancy), requires one PM640, PM644

Bus Type, Communication Interface Max. No. of Buses Max. No. of Interfaces
RCOM/RCOM+ via CI532V01 4 2*
MODBUS I via CI532V02 4 2*
Siemens 3964R via CI532V03 4 2*
PROFIBUS-DP via PM644 6 6
Advant Fieldbus 100 4 4 (when redundant: 8)

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