800xA Operator Workplace for Advant Master DCS

Integration of ABB Advant Master DCS into 800xA operator interface, giving access to advanced features, components, and the aspect objects technology.

Introduced in 2005, the System 800xA for Advant Master integrated the Advant Master system into System 800xA using the 800xA for Advant Master, 800xA for Safeguard and 800xA for AC 100 integration packages. 

It supports full integration with System 800xA features and components such as Batch management, Information Management, and Asset Optimization along with leveraging the Aspect technology available in the System 800xA environment. 

Standard software and hardware interfaces are used to provide a connection into the Advant Master system for view and control. Predefined graphic elements, object displays and faceplates are provided for all the controllers’ standard process objects.

800xA Operator Workplace for Advant Master may be deployed in parallel with existing Advant Master system installations. Phased introductions of 800xA for Advant Master to existing customers will allow the customer to begin leveraging System 800xA benefits immediately. 800xA for Advant Master provides the Advant Master installed base the continued evolution of technology, while retaining existing control philosophy.

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Benefits and features
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Key benefits of utilizing Advant Master integration to System 800xA:

  • Complete infrastructure may be retained
  • Upgrade can be on a step-by-step basis
  • Parallel Advant and 800xA workplaces, enabling minimum downtime
  • System 800xA extended automation

Main features of Advant Master integration to 800xA:

  • Faceplates, object displays and graphic elements with
  • Advant look and feel
  • Alarm and Event and Trend presentation
  • TTD log and configuration support
  • Status list and System status
  • Drives and Switchgear Integration
  • Central Backup of AC400 controller application
  • Point of Control
Function AdvaCommand for UNIX 800xA for Advant Master
Interface to MasterBus 300
Face plate Library
Display element Library
Group Display
Conversion tool for Static No need
Conversion tool for Dynamics No need
Alarm Priority mapping No need
Alarm Grouping
Alarm Hiding
Alarm Shelving
Process sectioning
Point of control
Status list Quick list
Controler and I/O status
Service for Display conversion No need
Alarm Operations
Operator Audit trail
Video Clients
White Listning No need
Multi system Integration
CAD Viewer
Calculation Engine
Trend presentation
Advanced Display elements
Support JPEG as background
Support MP200, AC410, AC450, Safeguard

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