S600 I/O for Advant Master DCS

Support and migration of ABB S600 I/O for Advant Master DCS, local rack based I/O for Advant Controller 110 and Advant Controller 160.

The S600 I/O series serves as the local, rack-based I/O for the Advant Controller 110 and the Advant Controller 160. There is a full complement of S600 I/O modules to choose from for digital and analog inputs and outputs.

The I/O range covers both D.C. and A.C., from low-cost, high-density modules to high-performance modules with kilovolt isolation. There is even an intelligent pulse counter module for accurate length measurement and positioning that can cope with pulse frequencies as high as 100 kHz. Available is also a rotational speed input module with on-board trip logic, which is suitable, for e.g. turbine control and high speed drive applications.

All S600 I/0-modules are enclosed in sheet metal covers to meet IP20 requirements and protecting against electromagnetic interference inside the rack and against rough handling outside it. The field wiring is terminated on multi-pole connectors on the front of the modules a spacesaving structure, providing a tidy installation. 

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Read more about the evolution path for S600 I/O.

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