Process Portal B for Advant MOD 300 DCS

Migration of ABB Process Portal B, the first Windows 2000 based HMI for Advant MOD 300 DCS connected through DCN control network.

Process Portal offers features and functions designed to facilitate and optimize any process or enterprise. Information is presented in an intuitive form. With the MOD 300 Connect, standard displays are added with similar features and functions to the UNIX and Multibus based Advant system. Customized user accounts allow operators to deal with operating conditions in a productive manner.

A Windows based interface is used to view multiple aspects of objects in a format that is familiar to users. Operation of the control system works within this interface to give you the ability to easily explore Aspect Objects, control loops, acknowledge abnormal conditions and perform many other activities necessary to monitor and control a process.

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

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