Advant Controller 250 for Satt DCS

Migration and support of ABB Advant Controller 250, a compact ABB Satt DCS process controller for medium to large size applications.

Advant Controller 250 is a comprehensive process control vehicle for medium to large size applications. The same I/O units can be used either centrally or remote, and it is possible to combine the two in a single Advant Controller 250 configuration.

There are several controllers varying in the capability of handling I/O, execution speed and memory size. This means that you get the opportunity to choose the cheapest and the most suitable solution. The system is scalable in terms of adding communication modules, more powerful processor modules and more I/O modules as the demand increases.

The Advant Controller 250 has the possibility to communicate on several standard protocols e.g. MMS on TCP/IP Ethernet, COMLI, SattBus and PROFIBUS-DP for I/O. It is also possible to write your own serial ASCII protocol with standard function block.

The compact dimensions save on space and the integrated terminal strips reduce cabling requirements, save installation time and increase installation reliability. 

Advant Controller 250 life cycle status
Advant Controller 250 is in the Limited life cycle phase.

Customers are encouraged to evolve Advant Controller 250 to AC 800M.

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Advant Controller 250 benefits:

  • safety functions in I/O
  • same I/O units remote and central
  • modularity facilitates configuration and expansion
  • choice of CPUs gives opportunity to optimise
CE marked
UL listed according UL 508 for USA and Canada

Processor Modules
PM253 (16.7 MHz; 1-2 Mbyte RAM, 32 to 64 I/O units)
PM254 (28.8 MHz; 4-8 Mbyte RAM, 128 to 256 I/O units)
PM255 (50 MHz; 4-8 Mbyte RAM, 256 to 512 I/O units)

Supported I/O
S200 I/O and S200L I/O centrally S800 I/O, 
S200 I/O and S200L I/O remotely on PROFIBUS DP

Max. No. of I/O points

Serial I/O bus
MMS on Ethernet
Serial Channels (RS232/RS485): MMS (SattLink), COMLI, Siemens 3964R and user-defined protocols

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