Web Tech Talks for Distributed Control Systems

Web Tech Talks are live and interactive web sessions that focus on technical topics from basic to advanced knowledge presented live by specialists from R&D, technical support and consulting. The focus of these web tech talk is on the Distributed Control Systems offerings of ABB.

Practical demonstrations are the preferred method of these live interactive sessions. The recorded sessions and presentation materials are available through our archives.

Features of Web Tech Talks:

  • Live and interactive web sessions with practical demo
  • Focus on technical topics from basic to advanced knowledge
  • Presented by specialists from R&D and experts from consulting
  • Duration 60 to 90 minutes
  • Access to all previous recordings and material
  • More than 10 sessions per year, more than 300 recorded sessions available
  • Headset/loudspeaker and microphone required (VoIP)
  • Internet based

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Please log into your My Control System account to access scheduled and recorded Web Tech Talks. The schedule for all upcoming events within the next 3 months is available online, together with the registration links.

A Web Tech Talks topic is scheduled as two live sessions to cover working hours in different time zones. Please verify the based on your convenience. If it would not be possible for you to attend do not worry, the session will be available a few days later in our archive.

As mentioned, the Web Tech Talks are focused on the actual DCS offerings of ABB. These include System 800xA, Freelance, and Compact products. For the Heritage systems of ABB, the Web Tech Talks cover the different connect services available from System 800xA.

Every Web Tech Talk session is recorded, which is later made available through our online archive. The archives entitle more than 300+ different expert sessions and more than 14000+ hours of material including recordings and presentation material.

Sample of a Web Tech Talk “ WT225 Introduction to Cyber Security for 800xA

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