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XP Services available now

The software and hardware risks can’t be overstated, and grow larger every day for systems running on Windows XP.

Customers who elect to take action

What are our Products?

  • Site System Audit
  • Upgrade of System – Backup Reload w/o conversion (Freelance)
  • Automation Sentinel – path to new versions
  • Complete Replacement of IT Equipment – Added to Evolution Plan
  • Consulting – Design and Configure New System including upgrades of ABB HW (Safety Systems) footprint reduction analysis - # Servers reduced through upgrade
  • Pre-installed 800xA systems (for evolution to V5.1 or v6.0)
  • Graphics conversion services (S-I-S-O)
  • Spare Parts Agreements
  • ServicePort

Customers who elect not to take action

What are our Products?

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