Bulk I/O for MOD 300 and Advant MOD 300 DCS

Modernization and support for ABB Bulk I/O for MOD 300, predecessor to Advant MOD 300, a rack based I/O system from the mid 80's.

Bulk I/0 was a rack based I/O system for MOD 300, introduced in 1984. The Bulk I/O subsystem consists of various I/O modules inserted in a Multibus card file. The associated termination panels connect to these I/O modules via ribbon cables.

Bulk I/O life cycle status
The High Density I/O associated with the early version of MOD 300 is in the Obsolete phase of the life cycle. 

Loss of an I/O board with no available spare components on-hand and lack of availability of this component for immediate shipment through the ABB supply chain introduces a “High” risk to the operating performance and product quality. Therefore, migration to S800 I/O is indicated for these boards.

When evolving to S800 I/O, the field wiring stays intact and undisturbed. ABB has developed a set of cables (TK616, TK617, TK815, TK816, TK817) that will go between the termination panels to the new S800 I/O modules. Please note that these cables are sold on request from ABB Service.


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