Reliable solutions for continuous operations

Ensuring uptime and reducing planned outage time​

By 2025, there will likely be more than 27 billion IoT connections across the globe. This increase in connected devices makes uptime in data centers even more critical to customers. Given the ever-growing demand for data and information services and the increasing cost of service interruptions, data centers are pressed to maintain continuous operations and to have appropriate contingencies in place to reduce downtime and avoid unplanned outages. ​

ABB’s robust, proven electrical portfolio helps our data center clients sustain continuous operations and reduce service interruptions. And our digital solutions enable continuous monitoring of the health of critical electrical assets to anticipate equipment failures that can cause outages. ​

ABB also offers remote service solutions that leverages immersive augmented reality to provide fast and professional virtual support. Electrical issues are immediately identified and addressed to decrease the length of service interruptions. ​

Make ABB your reliable partner in sustaining efficient and reliable operations for your data center.​



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Uptime and reliability are very important topics for us. ABB has domain expertise and is reliable partner providing robust, high-quality power equipment and intelligence through comprehensive digital solutions for continuous asset monitoring and management to avoid unplanned outages and reduce planned outages to keep your data center running. Followingly you can find articles, blog posts, videos and case studies to support the topic. With any specific questions please feel free to contact our specialists who would be happy to support your journey towards more reliable future. 

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