All-compatible solution scales to meet your needs

There are many things to evaluate when investing in a variable speed drive or other piece automation. At the end you should be able to make a well-informed decision considering both the short-term investment and the long-term cost of ownership.

We’ve got you covered. The idea behind our new all-compatible drives portfolio is simple: the better a drive and provided services fit to your processes, users, business and environmental goals, the faster you start enjoying the benefits it brings and the return on investment. 

The foundation of the all-compatible drives portfolio lays in its architecture. The drives share the same software platform, tools, user interfaces and options. Yet, there is an optimal drive from the smallest water pump to the biggest cement kiln, and everything in the between. When you have learned to use one drive it is easy use the other drives in the portfolio. 

Already, our all-compatible portfolio offers a broad selection of drives and services. The offering keeps on growing delivering more flexibility to meet your exact needs and simplicity to help manage your installed base. Locally and globally, now and in the future.


Human all-compatible

Whether you are operating an entire process or a single motor-drive application it is important that you feel comfortable and safe around it. The features inside the drive and services around it should help you commission, monitor and maintain the drive keeping the process running exactly as you expect.

The drive user interfaces across the all-compatible drives portfolio are the same, offering an abundance of features that simplify everyday operation of the drives. These features help you fine-tune settings and analyse drive operation and use wizard-type assistants and ready-made control macros for rapid commissioning. You can operate drive in your own native language and customize it with information that is relevant in your working environment. Built-in and certified safety features not only keep you safe, but also maintain the process within predefined safety limits protecting the machinery and working environment.


Process all-compatible

Integrating a piece of electrical automation to an existing or new process is not an easy job. You have to consider many things from drive sizing and connectivity to drive performance, motor type, enclosure requirements and certifications. The checklist can be long. A poor choice can end up creating unnecessary complexity and time maybe lost to problem solving.

You don’t need to settle to a compromise. Whether it is the motor power, voltage, enclosure rating or fieldbus connection, or that motor-drive package for potentially explosive atmospheres, we have the right drive for you. Our PC tools help you with drive sizing and estimating potential energy savings. And our experts and authorized value providers around the world are ready to assist and advice to select the most optimal drive and services for you.

Business all-compatible

You are running a business and the investments you make should add value to it. You know your core business and want that same attitude and commitment from suppliers and products that keep your business running to professional support and services that you can count on.

Contact our local sales or authorized value providers, and see it yourself. Our people are committed to make your business run smoothly and profitably. We offer expertise gained from decades of working with businesses like yours. Our product offering covers a broad range automation and power technologies. The complete life cycle service portfolio offers you choices for the right mix of services that you need. And whether you are operating locally or on global scale, we can support you 24/7 with our global sales and support network.

Environment all-compatible

World’s energy demand keeps on growing. Every day more automation is integrated into our daily lives. At the same time we need to make conscious decisions to lower our impact on the environment. Electric motors use 28% of world’s electricity. However, less than 10% of them are equipped with a variable speed drive. Variable speed drives regulate the speed of a motor and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% to 50% in many applications, and in extreme case by as much as by 90%. We have been developing and enhancing drives technology for decades. Our installed saved about 445 TWh of energy in 2014 alone, equivalent to the consumption per year of more than 110 million households. 

The all-compatible drives portfolio is our latest technology ready to tackle the energy efficiency challenge. The drives have built-in features that help fine-tune your application to optimum energy use. Our PC tools help estimate the potential energy savings in your application, and our experts can visit you to estimate and discuss about a solution that fits to your environmental and business goals.

All-compatible portfolio

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