Modbus is an open Master/Slave application protocol that can be used on several different physical layers. Modbus TCP means that the Modbus protocol is used on top of Ethernet-TCP/IP. ABB drives act as a Modbus TCP server. Common read/write single and multiple register function codes are supported.

Our offering includes different Modbus TCP fieldbus adapters depending on the drive type:

  • FENA-01 is compatible with ACS355 drives
  • FENA-11 (one-port) and FENA-21 (two-port) are compatible with ACS580, ACS480, ACS380, ACH580, ACH480, ACQ580, ACS355, ACSM1 and ACS880 drives
  • RETA-01 RETA-02 are compatible with ACS550, ACH550 and ACS800 drives
  • FMBT-21 is compatible with ACS380, ACS480, ACS580, ACH480, ACH580, ACQ580 and ACS880 drives


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