Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet solutions for LV and MV drives

Easy, secure, and reliable integration with automation ecosystem

If data is the new currency in today’s interconnected world, then data communication is the transaction process. Smooth data communication is central to running critical infrastructure, transportation, and industrial networks of all kinds.

ABB is a technology leader in digital automation communication networks. We provide device integration, wireless and wired products, and systems that help you to make the Industrial Internet of Things a reality.

Supported technologies

A wide variety of fieldbus solutions are available and all major fieldbus protocols are supported by ABB drives, giving you the flexibility, compatibility, and security, you need. So, whatever your preferred communication networks and automation systems, we have a suitable solution.

Thanks to embedded protocols and a wide range of F-series fieldbus interface modules, ABB drives provide reliable connectivity with your automation systems, with a simplified interface to control and manage all your ABB drives in low to medium voltage ranges.

Fieldbus Solutions

Industrial Ethernet protocols


Manufacturing Fieldbus protocols
Fieldbus for building automation
Other fieldbus modules

Which protocol is best for you?

The right protocol for your needs will depend on your application and what you already have installed. Here are some things to consider:
  1. Is it a new installation or an upgrade to an existing one?
  2. What kind of application is it? below are the most common protocols for different application types:

If you need help with which protocol to use or would like more information on ABB fieldbus solutions, contact your local ABB specialist.

Get benefits from fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet solutions

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