OPC UA for drives

Boosting your ABB Drives with Advanced OPC UA Server Functionality

OPC UA is an interface technology standard (IEC62541) created, developed and maintained by OPC Foundation and the OPC UA Working Groups. OPC UA provides secure, scalable, and optimized way of data transfer between different systems ranging from the field level devices, PLCs, SCADAs up to clouds.

This can be used to optimize the fieldbus traffic and thus enable more reliable control network, to make data collection secure and to collect data from multiple different systems at the same time.

From the initial OPC UA server (FPNO-21 //rev 2.03) release, ABB Drives OPC UA functions as now optional way to collect data from drives by different systems such as PLCs, DCSs, SCADA systems, clouds... OPC UA Server on the FPNO-21 PROFINET fieldbus module provides extensive data and information from the drive for the multiple OPC UA clients (Maximum 5) while ensuring robust security and reliability.

The FPNO-21 PROFINET module is the first version of ethernet interface module including OPC UA functionality, with the intention of later expanding to more ethernet interface modules, including FMBT-21 (Modbus TCP) and FEIP-21 (EtherNet/IP).

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