FPNO-21 PROFINET IO adapter module

The PROFINET IO interface module, FPNO-21 that is certified according to Conformance Class B (CC-B) supporting PROFIdrives and ABB drives profiles. This module contains the embedded switch for Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) configuration therefore saving your time and cost to buy and install an extra switch. PROFINET S2 system redundancy is available for ABB Drives via this module, system redundancy is a high-priority demand in process industries or at infrastructure installations where the system must be maintained even during a failure event.

This adapter module is compatible with ABB’s common architecture drives. 

  • The two ports of FPNO-21 works as an embedded switch that supports Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) without the requirement to use an external switch.
  • The S2 functionality, implemented in FPNO-21, makes it possible for two PROFINET controllers, one primary and one backup, to connect to the ABB Drives.
  • Easy to configure name via PLC programming environment as PROFINET station is named by index parameter (i.e. abbdrive-xx)
  • Easy to change the drive without special tools to rename the PROFINET station as PROFINET station is named as a part of drive’s backup file.
  • PROFINET “drive control” and “PROFIsafe” can be used by separate PLCs through Shared Device support. Shared Device enables accessing one drive from two controllers via one FPNO-21. (i.e.  one PLC to control the drive, other SafetyPLC for safety communication)
  • Support PROFIsafe over PROFINET. To use PROFIsafe, FSO-12 or FSO-21 with ACS880 is required.
  • Support SNTP protocol for the time synchronization.
  • Drive Composer Pro software can be used with FPNO-21 to perform a start-up or maintenance for ABB common architecture drives.

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