ABB Ability™ zenon

The SCADA for the Energy Transition

ABB Ability™ zenon is ABB‘s on-premises and on-edge SCADA platform for secure Digitalization of the key energy transition resources of power and water. ABB zenon is the platform of choice from renewable generation, treatment and storage to distribution, consumption and recuperation.

ABB Ability™ zenon provides supervision, control and automation, alarm and event handling, historian, real-time reporting, analytics and optimization, and asset management. 

ABB Ability™ zenon is a platform whose core has proven its value in more than 100 000 installations globally, ABB Ability zenon stands out with superior connectivity, scalability and flexibility.

ABB Ability™ zenon ensures full control of sensitive operations data for its users. The platform’s security is designed to be smartly integrated into all processes and systems in critical infrastructure.

Based on ABB Ability™ zenon and as a special add-on engineering package, ZEE600 offers Electrification Monitoring and Control turnkey solutions for Substation Automation, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and Microgrid Control, specifically towards integration of ABB protection relays, PLCs, switchgear asset monitoring devices and 3rd party devices and systems.



  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for Industries, Substation Automation, Distribution Management, Renewables, Water and Wastewater applications 


  • Cyber secure operation of critical infrastructure
  • Real-time data-driven transparency for a shorter time to decision and action
  • Advanced reporting and data analytics for better business decisions
  • Production insights for better quality and yield
  • Minimize unplanned downtimes
  • Energy Management for an optimized consumption, footprint and cost
  • Easy integration in heterogeneous environments
  • Outstanding connectivity for greenfield and brownfield applications
  • Supports the major protocols across multiple segments and domains
  • Global service and support
  • Long life cycle for optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • On-Premises/ On-Edge Digitalization Platform
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Alarm and Event Management, Sequence of Events
  • Syslog Management
  • Historian
  • Process Recorder
  • Load Flow Calculation/ Load Management
  • Network Topology
  • State Estimation
  • Global Information System (GIS)
  • Distribution Management
  • Batch Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Data Analytics and Real Time Reporting
  • Module Type Packages (MTP)
  • IEC 61131 Logic PLC
  • IEC 62443 certified Cyber Security
  • Editions for Production, Substation Automation, Distribution Management

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