OPTIMAX® for Green Hydrogen

The Shift to Green Hydrogen

Utility and industrial companies are facing elevated pressures to find new ways of harnessing the power of renewable energy. Power and water utilities, for example, are searching for ways to reduce the carbon footprint and optimize excess renewable power. Industrial companies are searching for ways to decarbonize their processes, and minimize energy costs.

In short, the energy landscape is changing with the accelerated need for decarbonization. It is transforming from linear and wasteful to synergistic and integrated. The energy sector is moving away from the linear approach that saw utilities produce energy and deliver it downstream to consumers, and moving towards an ecosystem where production and consumption collaborate with each other.

The future involves producers and consumers using each other’s energy streams to increase efficiencies and maximize the value of energy.

Green hydrogen is playing a vital role in this transformation. The energy market is shifting towards using hydrogen as an energy carrier.

ABB Ability OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen

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ABB Ability Energy Management – OPTIMAX® for Green Hydrogen

The key to harnessing the shift towards green hydrogen is energy management and optimization. ABB AbilityTM Energy Management – OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen helps utility and industrial companies optimize green hydrogen production by reducing their OPEX costs, increasing efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

ABB AbilityTM Energy Management – OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen supports ABB’s automation and electrification solutions so that energy producers and industrial plants maximize the total value of the energy created and used by strategically directing energy flows and assets.


Operate assets at optimized level with individual characteristics


Simulate and virtualize optimal energy flows and use adaptive control to achieve them


Forecast energy demand and supply, including renewable energy

ABB OPTIMAX Energy Management

ABB AbilityTM Energy Management – OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen supports:

Predictive optimization of electrolyzers, based on hydrogen demand schedules, and/or renewable energy production and/or market schedules during operation.
Real-time-control of single electrolyzer modules, based on individual efficiency curves and security constraints.
Participation in ancillary service markets like primary/frequency reserve (FCR) and secondary reserve (aFRR).
Monitoring of electrical energy, heat and mass flows of the whole production process.

Predictive Intraday Optimization

Predictive intraday optimization enables plant operators to identify potential flexibilities that can be positioned more efficiently.

During the conceptual design phase and feasibility study, customers use predictive optimization simulations to check profitability when adding flexibility options, such as hydrogen storage or enabling sector coupling reusing waste heat.

To achieve the required operation, you apply a real-time control. Based on the current overall setpoint, the power must be distributed in an optimal way to the single electrolyzer modules. The control consists of:

  • Safety constraints for each electrolyzer module for operation only within predefined bounds
  • Simple color code for each operation point of individual  modules (blue for the operation at the minimum, green between the borders and red for the operation at the maximum)
  • Monitoring for historical operation points, historical heat and mass flows and efficiencies for individual modules
  • Optimal operation based on physical safety constraints and efficiency curves for individual modules

Increase transparency & profit potential

Monitor power flows, energy and (optional) CO2 emissions for natural gas, hydrogen, heat, fuel and electricity to identify areas of improvement. Contextualize and analyze your data for transparent and efficient operation of your plant. Save time on regulatory compliance reporting.

Real-time Control of Green Hydrogen Production

The real-time control may consider ancillary service calls based on individual reserve market participation. Primary and secondary ancillary services are of particular interest to plants in order to increase profitability.

Additional monitoring of subcomponents, specific KPI’s and overall plant performance ensures a safe operation and uncovers efficiency bottlenecks. ABB AbilityTM Energy Management – OPTIMAX for Green Hydrogen provides visibility to energy data with generic, default dashboards that operators extend or modify to their individual needs.

Other OPTIMAX Offerings

For more insights about the Hydrogen ecosystem, delve into case studies, white papers and more at ABB’s Hydrogen Resource Center.

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