ACS880 liquid cooled multidrive modules

The multidrive principle is based on a common DC bus arrangement, enabling single power supply and common braking resources for several drives. There are several possibilities on the supply side starting from a simple diode supply unit up to highly sophisticated active IGBT supply units.

Multidrives can be used wherever several motors form part of a single process. With a compact module design and high power density, the single supply and DC bus arrangement with multiple inverters provides many advantages:

  • Savings in cabling, installation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced component count and footprint, as well as increased reliability
  • Energy and cost savings. As the energy circulates over the common DC bus, all energy is not taken from the supply network. Energy circulation can also be used for motor-to-motor braking without the need for a braking chopper or regenerative supply unit.
  • Reduced line power and currents allowing the supply unit to have smaller dimensions.
  • The common supply of the multidrive enables the implementation of overall safety and control functions.

Advanced liquid-cooling and compact design

Liquid-cooling offers easy heat transfer without air filtering problems. Since the coolant takes care of 98% of the heat losses, no additional filtered air-cooling is needed. This increases the total efficiency of the drive installation.

The liquid-cooled drives have high power density making their design extremely compact. The small footprint enables significant space and weight reduction.

The possibility to have totally enclosed cabinet structure makes the ACS880 liquid-cooled drive perfect for harsh environmental conditions.

The offering fulfills marine and offshore requirements. The drive has marine type approvals from various key classification bodies.

As the direct liquid cooling enables silent operation, liquid-cooled drives are suitable for applications where noise levels are an important environmental factor.

Main components of the demo

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