Drives and motors for extruders in food processing

Accurate and reliable extruder operation for perfect products every time

Speed and torque are important ingredients in any food extrusion process. By controlling them carefully you can ensure consistent high quality of your final product, whether you are producing confectionery, breakfast cereals or pasta. 

Our variable speed drives and motors are the optimal choice for powering extruders. The drives feature direct torque control (DTC), enabling superior control to ensure a reliable start and operation, and high-quality output. At the same time high-efficiency motors and drives will help you to reduce energy consumption. Safety functions such as safe torqu off (STO) will keep your personnel and machine safe.  You can depend on ABB drives and motors to keep your extruder running, day after day. 

Precise control, energy savings, and high reliability. Everything counts when you’re aiming to produce extruded products of best quality.

Drive highlights

  • Built-in Direct torque control (DTC) technology for precise seed and torque control
  • Compatibility with all major automation networks through wide range of fieldbus adapters
  • High machine and personnel safety thanks to safe torque off (STO) and other safety features

Motor highlights


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