Drives, motors and PLCs in Poultry farming

Boosting safety, productivity and sustainability - from egg to broiler production

As customer demands evolve, the need to improve poultry welfare, maintain a sustainable environment and retain profitability are in focus in poultry farming. With ABB drives and motors we make this possible by increasing energy efficiency while ensuring stable operation of the egg production application in use.

ABB drives, for instance, that are easy to commission and use are highly reliable devices with a mean time between failure (MTBF) exceeding 60 years (or over 500,000 hours), while often achieving in excess of 50 percent energy saving. ABB motors are robust performers that can reach up to IE5 efficiency levels to support emission reduction. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) can deliver integrated control systems that help to provide enhanced visibility and control over the processes of the poultry production.


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