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On-site Repair service

Quick drive recovery at your site

ABB On-site Repair service provides you with the latest drive expertise at the location you need. Your service request is quickly attended to and carried out by ABB-certified service engineers. With On-site Repair service, you can safely minimize production and process downtime.


  • Fast support - ABB-certified service engineers are at your reach through local ABB customer contact centers.
  • Shorter downtime - Fast response time combined with professionally done repair leads to minimized production and process downtime.
  • High quality - ABB-certified engineers are equipped with the best tools and instructions, and follow quality standards, local regulations and safety requirements.
  • Special report - Service covers detailed repair report. To improve process and drive performance, operational advice may be offered.

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On-site Repair service delivery

Drive failure

Your drive is defected or you do not exactly know why the drive is not operating properly.Your own attempts to repair the drive do not succeed.

Check serial number

The drive serial number will help ABB to identify your drive.

Call your local ABB

ABB and it’s certified service providers are the best knowledge source for ABB drives. Together with our specialists, you can discuss the problem and determine if an on-site repair would be the best solution.

Fault tracing

ABB-certified engineer conducts a fault tracing after first completing a work safety check.

Optional spare part ordering

If a repair requires spare parts and those are not available at your stock, genuine spare parts can be ordered from ABB separately.

Repair at your site

ABB-certified field engineer completes the actual repair on-site. Later, you will receive a report on the entire repair case and parameter backups.

Drive is running

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