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On-site Service Center

Always on your site

On-site Service Center is a storage and a service facility built within a container. It is a comprehensive solution for remote locations where drives processes require high availability. Spare equipment is stored on-site in a controlled environment, so if a drive fails, the unit can be replaced almost instantly.

  • Quick solution - Your field service personnel can quickly replace faulty modules with operational equipment stored in the service center. Faulty modules are refurbished on-site regularly and stored ready for use.
  • Tailored inventory - Used material is inspected regularly and inventory levels are maintained according to actual operational needs. Regular inventory reports include critical parts availability and proposed changes to stock.
  • ​All in one place - On-site Service Center provides an isolated and protected environment for all needed material. The container serves also as a safe and well equipped working area for service engineers.

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On-site Service Center delivery


Installed base life cycle assessment

We perform a drive life cycle assessment on your site. Based on the results, we present a proposal for an On-site Service Center with a suitable inventory and service plan.

Container and inventory

We will prepare a fully operational On-site Service Center container. The container comes with tools and equipment to provide an optimal service environment for your installed drives.

Your field service and production

Access for your field service personnel

Your dedicated field service personnel can access the On-site Service Center anytime. All spare parts and drives listed in the inventory plan are locally available.

Instant replacements

Your field service personnel can immediately take a spare replacement module from the container and leave a drive that requires service in the container.

ABB Service

Scheduled maintenance visits and logistics

An ABB specialist visits your facility according to an agreed schedule. The specialist inspects the units requiring service. If needed, those units will be sent to the regional ABB service center for more thorough investigation.

Planned maintenance breaks

An ABB specialist with an increased inventory of spares will be on-site for planned service breaks. The specialist can perform preventive maintenance or reconditioning if agreed.

Inventory reporting and optimization

You receive regular inventory reports. Replacement parts and units are ordered upon your confirmation. Spare parts and units quantities are optimized according to the actual service history and criticality analysis. The report includes recommended changes in inventory levels, warnings of key risks and information about upcoming service events.

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