Depot & connector charging for electric bus and truck

ABB offers a complete portfolio for charging heavy electric vehicles such as buses and trucks with a CCS connector adapted to any kind of site layout.

Celling mounting – HVC control box

This charger is designed for overhead constructions like roofs, canopies, and truss structures. It is a perfect solution developed for site layouts with a shortage of space around the vehicles. The cable balancer system prevent the cable from drooping or lying on the ground. The cable is simply suspended from the ceiling, can be extended close to the vehicle's inlet, and then retracted back up.

Wall or pedestal mounting – HVC depot box

The HVC depot charge boxes can be mounted on a wall or on a pedestal and are especially designed to charge larger fleets of electric vehicles in its most optimized way with limited footprint:

  • Sequential charging up to 3 outlet – The Depot box single CCS provide 100 kW - 150 kW power charging, with up to 3 charge post for sequential charging. 
  • Sequential charging up to 4 outlet – The dual outlet CCS version provide 107 kW - 160 kW power charging, with up to 4 outlets (2 charge posts) for sequential charging.

Main benefits:
  • Enabling high uptime thanks to robust design, remote diagnostics and management tools.
  • Reducing the energy consumption and grid connection costs by spreading the charging out over the night when the fleet of vehicle is parked thanks to the sequential charging 
  • Interoperability, fully compliant with the international standards & validated with many OEMs  
  • Space saving with small footprint close to the vehicle: The power cabinet is separated from the charge post

Main features:
  • Power range of 100 kW up to 160 kW with Voltage range from 150-850 VDC
  • Sequential charging with up to 3 outlets with 100 kW - 150 kW per vehicle
  • Sequential charging with up to 4 outlets with 107 kW - 160 kW per vehicle
  • Several installation possibilities : pedestal, wall mounting, or overhead (celling) charging solution for site layout where there is no space.


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