Electric bus pantograph up

ABB offers an ideal electric bus pantograph solution equipped with a roof-mounted pantograph. This allows you to charge larger fleets of electric buses overnight in a range of 50-150 kW per vehicle and during the day with 150 kW up to 600 kW for opportunity charging.

Main benefits: 

  • Fast charging with a wide range of power levels to meet the charging needs that best fit your operating schedule.
  • Enabling high uptime, thanks to robust design, remote diagnostics and management tools.
  • Charge buses from different brands with the same charger, following the international standards and comprehensive interrop testing.     

Main features: 

  • Voltage range from 150-850 V
  • Power range of 50-100-150 kW for overnight charging
  • Sequential charging with up to 3 outlets for overnight charging
  • Power range of 150-300-450-600 kW for opportunity charging

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