Turning remote assistance into immersive on-the-job training

Speed up issue resolution, prevent losses, save travel and training costs

How do you support and train people for jobs that can’t be done remotely? Typical collaboration tools designed for office are not appropriate for your field technicians and customer support teams.

ABB’s augmented and mixed reality solutions are specially designed for industrial jobs, with strong security features and complementary work instruction authoring solutions that ensure inter-connectivity with your existing systems. You can record, transcribe and reuse live remote assistance sessions, turn them into immersive training courses (“muscle memory”) and on-the-job guidance. This way you will save experts’ time, safeguard and scale their knowledge. Structuring and analyzing the recorded data will enable automated delivery of deeper insights for continuous improvement of your workforce performance, the underlying processes and upskilling requirements.

Let us help you adopt modern, AR/MR based remote assistance and training methods - more appealing for your workers

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Connecting workforce with procedures, systems and each other will generate a significant amount of useful data to preserve invaluable knowledge, enhance skills and  performance

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