Manual data collection in the field: how to reduce time dramatically

Prevent values out of range, collect photo/video evidence in real time via a mobile app

Are your technicians still taking handwritten notes on the go? This means additional effort for retyping at the end of the shift, potential misunderstanding, errors and delayed reporting.

By equipping your workers with a mobile app from ABB, your process data and on-site findings can be collected and made available in real time.

Let us help you digitize data collection forms and integrate apps with other systems for data validation and reporting

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Connecting workforce with procedures, systems and each other will generate a significant amount of useful data to preserve invaluable knowledge, enhance skills and  performance

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Request a demo of your procedure

We'll be delighted to show to your team how remote collaboration, mobile apps and smart devices can make a job described in a procedure of your choice more attractive and easy to follow - even for less experienced workers. We can also demonstrate how such a digitalized workflow will let you track the job status in near real time, adapt the schedule to unexpected changes, analyze worker performance and more.
  1. You upload your procedure document (checklist, work instruction, data capture form)
  2. We convert your document into a digital workflow using the ABB connected workforce apps.
  3. Once the document conversion has been completed we present you how it works

When you start replacing pen and paper with mobile apps, anyone in your team familiar with your processes will be empowered to do the same kind of conversion, using ABB's "no-code" tools and customizable templates. And improve the underlying processes on the way - part of the connected workforce app roll-out.

Let us help you safeguard your industry knowledge and skills

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