New version of ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management - Process and Production Intelligence

In the industry today but even more significantly in the future, software-based systems suited for industrial software, such as Manufacturing Operations Management Software, will play a large role. The foundation is the MOM Services platform. 

Summary of new functionalities:

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Services is the staring point as a services platform hosting common functionality across all applications. MOM Services enable easy expansion with Process and Production Intelligence applications when new needs occur. These apps provide intuitive access to personalized interactive reporting dashboards. Dashboards can include data such as energy consumption, operator logs or alarm lists. The right information is just a swipe away as the software can be easily run on desktop computers or mobile devices. 

The main benefits with the new release 3.0.3 are 
Life cycle updates
  • Updates to support Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016
  • Virtualization support using MS HyperV
  • New default History version 5.0 (same as introduced in System 800xA 6.0.3) and coexistence support with previous History version 4.6

With this new release, also the name is changed from Decathlon Services to Manufacturing Operations Management Services.

MOM Services cababilities:

MOM Services is, in addition to being an anchor for the intelligent information infrastructure, also an interactive platform that hosts different software applications

  • Connectivity: to connect to control systems and disparate data sources
  • Data Storage: high capacity process historian tailored for secure long time storage of process data and events
  • Common Services: to ensure a consistent integration environment across all apps
  • User Experience: Empowers decision-makers with the right data at the right time. Easy accessed through the Launchpad.
  • Reporting: supports the users with the reports they need

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