Industrial energy forecasting and load planning software

Module 1: Monitoring & reporting   |   Module 2: Forecasting & planning Module 3: Energy optimization

Avoid energy demand and supply risks, price peaks, and penalty charges

Planning tools that forecast energy consumption & calculate the corresponding energy supply schedule

  • purchase the right level of power in liberalized power market and minimize costs
  • predict complex/variable energy demand with temporary peaks more accurately
  • design the most effective production plan given power/energy constraints

Predicts energy
consumption patterns
for each consumer

Supports multiple
energy types
& forecasting methods

Adapts to grade /
rate / cyclical profiles,

15-30-60 min or
day-ahead balancing,
strategic planning over

Reference examples

Steel plant

  • Problem: Due to electric arc furnace, load schedule changes sharply between zero & maximum power during a melt cycle of ~50 min. If the consumption schedule is not correctly predicted, the electricity supplier incurs additional costs, which are transferred to the user in the form of penalty charges.
  • Solution: Reducing the price of electricity by sending predicted load schedules to the supplier and monitoring actual consumption. The system allocates energy costs to mill departments and shares penalty fees between the users that did not consume energy as predicted -  motivating them to improve planning. Learn more

ABB factories and offices

  • Situation: 14 business units with different energy types: electricity, heating, water. Annual electricity bill of ~2M€. High electricity cost compared to Nordpool spot market price. Price is high due to lack of reliable energy forecasts
  • Solution: Pre-study to analyze savings potential, analyze consumption and specific energy consumption. Reducing energy costs with specific energy consumption forecasts and production plans. Deviation reporting as source for continuous improvement. Transparency to energy consumption and cost structure. 300k€ total savings over first year

Accurate forecasting of load schedules helps the industrial plants lower the price of purchased energy when the energy market offers variable pricing.

Energy Forecasting and Planning module of the ABB Ability™ Energy Management System (EnMS) for industries software calculates the predicted energy consumption schedules based on the production data and other correlating parameters. The consumption schedules can be sent to the energy suppliers or used as the basis for energy supply planning.

The predicted load schedule contains valuable information for the power supplier, especially if consumption is high and varies over time. With the advance information of the load schedule, the planning and optimization of the supply schedule becomes possible. Large energy consumers can plan and optimize their energy supply themselves using EnMS energy optimization module, while smaller facilities may submit predicted load schedules to the power supplier.

For a corporate customer multiple facilities can be integrated to provide a company-wide solution and to allow comparisons, benchmarking and sharing best practices between the production facilities.

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