Industrial energy audit | energy performance assessment

We analyze and provide recommendations that will be most effective in achieving your objectives - including the digital tools for performing your own internal energy audits.

Whether it’s cost savings or corporate social responsibility, there are undeniable benefits to industrial plants investing in energy efficient technologies and digital solutions for optimizing energy management, steam and power, and water. To remain competitive you need to reduce your environmental impact and cut costs. At the same time you need to improve performance and enhance functionality to serve the market’s demands.

Identify energy inefficiencies & opportunities for improvement, uncover the cause of current or potential problems, get ABB recommendations

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Become more “energy aware” and be able to address energy-saving opportunities that are readily apparent, especially those that require no extensive engineering analysis. External experts can then focus on potential energy savings that are more complex.

There are many causes for upheavals in the global value chain along with profound structural changes in industries:

  • The demand for higher productivity
  • Ever shorter product life cycles
  • The trend towards mass customization
  • Increasingly exacting environmental protection
  • Compliance standards
  • Performance gains in digital functionalty designed to enhance communication, data analysis and presentation

To remain competitive in an environment as disruptive as this and to be able to offer even highly customized products in smallest lot sizes in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, we at ABB can support our customers with our consultancy service.

According to Clean Energy Ministerial, audits performed externally tend to focus on energy-saving technologies and capital improvements. Audits conducted in-house tend to reveal energy-saving opportunities that are less capital intensive and focus more on operations.

How are you managing your sustainability performance, energy consumption and costs? What tools do you use to analyze critically the way your company uses its resources, and to be more aware of how your day-to-day actions affect plant energy consumption and the environment?


The in-house audit can narrow the focus of external auditors to those systems that are particularly energy intensive or complex.

The outcome of the external energy audit / energy assessment includes the detailed report that comprises recommended energy conservation measures (ECMs), estimated savings return on investment, emission reduction and opportunity prioritization. Our assessment also focuses on improvements through lean management principles, technological improvements, benchmarking and Industry 4.0 applications.

Energy Performance Assessments cover:

  • Energy performance assessment of plant
  • Review of Electricity billing analysis
  • Energy Monitoring & management practices
  • Electric motor & driven equipment
  • Process automation & control
  • Refrigeration system
  • Boiler & steam system
  • Process & Utility control
  • Compressed air system
  • Water & wastewater

ISO 50001 – global energy management standard

  • ISO 50001 could influence 60% of world energy use
  • It helps achieving and sustaining significant energy savings over time
  • Helps integrate energy efficiency into management practices

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