Process analytical technologies

The power of analyzer device integration (ADI) means that System 800xA ADIc can centralize all analyzer configurations and chemometric models. Analyzer control algorithms and sequences as well as multivariate chemometrics sequences are all coordinated through a centralized execution manager and visualized by System 800xA.

Using System 800xA, ADIc allows:

  • Full Integration of both atline and online functionality
  • Full integration of analyzers and chemometrics into plant systems operations with operator graphics, alarming, reporting, archiving and maintenance
  • Connectivity with ERP and MES systems
  • Visualization of information outside the control room
  • Scalability of systems from a single node to large enterprise integration
  • Deployment of systems in a process control or laboratory environment
  • Complete security and auditing through System 800xA's FDA 21 CFR part 11 capabilities, allowing implementation of PAT techniques for supporting quality by design (QbD)

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