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Beyond connected, with simple and intuitive commissioning

Safe, smart & sustainable solutions for sub distribution

Flexible assembly of sub distribution boards, optimized wiring and automatic device recognition speed up the installation process of new and pre-existing electrical systems in any size of commercial or industrial building. Our scalable solutions make it easy to retrofit existing installations without impacting the design configuration or replacing any components. Discover how to make sub distribution safer, smarter and more sustainable with ABB’s solutions that go beyond connectivity.

Main benefits


Easy to install

  • Quick and flexible assembly of the sub distribution board thanks to the modular system
  • Fast and smooth coupling and connection of devices with no additional tools required and in just few steps

Fast configuration

  • Error-free configuration thanks to automatic recognition of installed devices which is directly communicated to the system access point
  • System and single devices are all configured via dedicated intuitive pages in the webUI with immediate feedback
  • Configurations of similar systems can be transferred between one another

Retrofit existing installations within one day

  • Limited downtime during new solution implementation
  • Quick assembly of the sub distribution board and smart devices
  • Connect to the cloud in only 10 minutes.

How-to video tutorials

M4M network analyzers
M1M power meter
System pro M compact® InSite

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