Beyond connected,​ no matter the project stage

Safe, smart & sustainable solutions for sub distribution

Whether you’re retrofitting an old building, adding a new installation or any stage in between – we offer flexible and scalable solutions to save time in all stages of the design process.

Meet your needs for improving energy impact, reducing supervision costs and adding value to the structure.

Using safe, smart and sustainable solutions for sub distribution that go beyond connectivity.

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Main benefits

Flexible and scalable solutions

  • Our solutions can be tailored to any size of public, commercial or industrial building
  • Multiple sizes of sub distribution boards and flexible modular concept
  • Stand-alone solution or automatically integrated into a cloud-computing platform (ABB Ability EDCS) for more complex applications without any additional investment in hardware required

Increased efficiency of electrical systems

  • Compliance with highest energy efficiency standard is guaranteed by integration of high-accuracy measurement devices and by complete control over total facility consumptions
  • Save up to 20% of energy
  • Cut CO2 emissions by up to 15%

Replicable and easy configuration

  • Save time comparing product features to select the right solution
  • Ensure compatibility with any technical requirements and specifications
  • Easily replicate data for different projects
  • Collaborate with your clients
  • Configure the sub distribution board and find all information at one place
  • Visit ABB Connect Partner Hub

Updated and secured system

  • Updated and cyber-secured system thanks to FW update via webserver
  • Data security guaranteed by encrypted SNMP V3 and SSL certificate

Supporting tools for easy and quick electrical design

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