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Beyond connected, no matter the project stage

Beyond connected, with simple and intuitive commissioning

Beyond connected, always one step ahead of maintenance

Safe, smart & sustainable solutions for sub distribution

Digitalization is changing the world of energy distribution – making it safer, smarter and more sustainable.

ABB’s solutions for sub distribution protect, monitor, measure and eventually make your installation smart and fully connected. With our scalable solutions any size of public, commercial or industrial building can easily be connected to the cloud or data can be accessed via the web server. Thanks to its flexibility, also existing installations can be easily revamped within a day and without replacing any existing components, reducing installation and configuration time nearly to zero, and in turn, minimizing operational downtime costs.

Compliance with highest energy efficiency standards and complete control over the total facility consumptions to save up to 20% of energy and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15%. All that is guaranteed with ABB‘s safe, smart and sustainable solutions for sub distribution that go beyond connectivity.

Beyond Connected Virtual Event - June 2022

Discover how to get full transparency, maximum service continuity and increased energy efficiency in your buildings thanks to the evolution of ABB's smart energy distribution solution.

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Main benefits

Fast implementation in any type of installation

Our flexible and scalable solutions can be applied in many different areas - from new installations to revamping existing ones in any size of public, commercial or industrial buildings.

Transparency & continuity of operations

Monitor data, receive customized alerts and proactively plan maintenance interventions to avoid unexpected downtime costs. Our digital tools do not only increase transparency, they also save time and effort across all project stages.

Optimize energy and facility management

Configure and program automatic actions to react to selected events with no need of manual interventions to increase the efficiency of your electrical systems.

The offering


Once the system is installed and connected, the data collected on the intuitive web user interface can be used for a variety of needs, from reducing energy consumption to identifying potential risks for operational continuity. Receiving customized alerts and configuring automatic actions are just some of the functionalities to optimize the management of energy and assets. Constant diagnostics and real time notifications ensure total transparency over how the electrical system is performing.


ABB Connect Partner Hub

Design your energy distribution projects or review existing ones with ABB Connect Partner Hub digital platform. An overview of the System pro E® energy switchboard configuration is presented.

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Connect to the cloud

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

Innovative cloud computing platfrom developed with Microsoft to minimize risks of cloud computing. It's consultable anywhere and with any device to monitor, optimize, predict actions and maintenance, check the effectiveness and efficiency of the plant.


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In alternative, it can be integrated to a 3rd party cloud.

Insite web server

Discover InSite web server, energy and asset management solution, core of ABB’s InSite range and its main functionalities.

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Control Unit System pro M compact® InSite

System pro M compact® InSite collects measurement data, monitors remotely via different protocols (Modbus RTU, TCP or SNMP v1, v2 and encrypted v3) and controls through automated logics the energy flow in sub distribution boards.


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Modular and smart protection devices and accessories

System pro M portfolio offers a complete assortment of first-class quality products such as miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices, surge protection devices, control, signaling, measuring and smart accessories.

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Modular DIN-Rail products

New Digital SPD eOVR

Discover the new digital generation of surge protective devices (SPDs) for smart applications, called eOVR. Extending the SPD capabilities of the OVR range, the eOVR provides a digital module that can communicate with the server. With this combination, it is possible to protect end devices from surges and transient overvoltages, in addition to monitoring and reporting various data to anticipate maintenance and thus prolong service continuity.

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Energy meters and Network Analyzers

Energy meters: DIN-rail, MID-compliant energy meters to identify areas for electricity consumption improvements and allowing fiscal sub-billing. EQ meters enable to run smarter buildings in a more energy and cost-efficient manner.
energy-meters-product-table energy-meters-functionality-levels-table

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M4M network analyzers: Front panel network analyzers guarantee all power monitoring needs in the energy distribution: from high-accuracy Class 0,5S energy efficiency monitoring of electrical parameters to complete power quality analysis through advanced KPIs.


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Digital input/output signals

Digital I/O modules can read contact status, activate or deactivate lines and collect utilities’ consumptions. The range consists of 3 devices that can be connected to System pro M compact® modular protection devices and accessories, to other DIN Rail products with a digital input or output and to pulse meters.


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Command and automation devices

Our ranges of command and signaling devices enable manual and automatic, local and remote command of loads and lines:

  • • Low consumptions and silent operation
  • • Diverse signaling functions
  • • Remote control of loads and lines
  • • Operational reliability

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Setup4Meter app

Setup4Meter bridges the gap between intelligent, digital commissioning and data gathering for metering devices, easing human work through technology and tackling a number of daily struggles installers face.

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