Retrofit your plant with Rogowski coils to improve power monitoring and cut costly downtime

Retrofit your plant with Rogowski coils to improve power monitoring and cut costly downtime

ABB’s new state-of-the art network analyzers with Rogowski Coils improve power quality monitoring without the need to interrupt critical operations.

As demand for power continues to grow, so does the pressure for plant operators to maintain continuous power supply, especially when supporting critical operations, such as data centers and hospitals. In response, ABB is using Rogowski coil technology in its M4M network analyzers to improve real-time monitoring of assets, cut installation times, improve safety and slash downtime to zero.

Smart devices, such as energy meters and network analyzers, usually work through measurement current transformers (CTs), which offer a common way to isolate the current from the circuit. However, in high current ranges, they can be very large and heavy to operate. More importantly, for safety reasons the circuit needs to be disconnected to install the CT, resulting in costly shutdowns.

In contrast to a traditional CT, a Rogowski Coil is an evenly wound coil with a constant cross-section area, which rather than a metal core, has air inside. This technology allows the primary current to be transformed into a very low voltage (only 100mV every 1000A at 50Hz frequency) to improve safety during installation and ensure continuous power supply.

M4M 30 with Rogowski Coils
M4M 30 with Rogowski Coils

Ideal for retrofitting industrial plants or commercial buildings, Rogowski Coils are up to ninety percent smaller than traditional high-rated CTs and with a 70 percent reduction in cabling, wiring and configuration time when combined with ABB’s M4M Network Analyzers, Rogowski Coils take up less room and are quicker to install.

Optimized performance with zero downtime

Rogowski Coils together with ABB’s M4M Network Analyzers offer key benefits for panel builders and installers. Using cloud solutions like ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager allow for real-time monitoring, historical trend analysis and power quality reporting, allowing users to make informed decisions to improve energy performance and optimize energy costs. Furthermore, M4M and Rogowski coils are part of ABB’s System pro M compact® InSite solution, specifically developed to meet requirements of energy and asset management by monitoring and controlling energy flow in sub distribution boards.

In industries such as data centers, transport and hospitals, avoiding delays and maintaining a critical power supply with no risk of down time is key. With Rogowski Coils, there is no need to power off the system during installation, ensuring continuity of operations in retrofit applications.

Powering safety and accuracy

With its low output signal, Rogowski Coils are harmless to secondary equipment and people, even when the highest currents and voltages occur on the primary side. Unlike standard current transformers where there is a risk of injury when powering off, voltage levels required for Rogowski Coils are generally below the values where operating personnel need to apply specific safety precautions and will not cause hazards to secondary insulation or instruments.

Unlike traditional CTs, Rogowski Coils can also perform reliable and accurate measurements when working at high currents. M4M Rogowski is defined as Class 0,5S for IEC 62053-22 and Class 0,5 for IEC 61557-12 for active energy for the overall measuring chain (meter and coil), ensuring a state-of the-art installation of the cable at the center of the coil.

Small footprint with installation and environmental benefits

As plants become more complicated and electrical distribution systems more connected, the pressure is on to keep switchboards as small as possible. Rogowski Coils combined with M4M are up to 90 percent smaller and lighter than high-rated current CTs, leading to smaller switchboard designs. The footprint is also reduced due to requiring significantly less space in the installed area, and shipping costs are lower due to the smaller switchboard size.

The pre-wired coils and terminals fit immediately with no need for secondary coils. Opening and closure takes seconds, and as the R4M signal is automatically recognized, there is no need to configure the meter of the CT ratio, allowing for quick installation times. For added simplicity, the solution can cover a wide range of applications, with high rated currents of more than 1000A up to 10kA. This keeps the amount of order codes at the lowest level possible, making the logistic process faster.

Rogowski Coils also use significantly less copper compared to standard CTs, helping to minimize and preserve the use of this natural resource, and ensure the coils are more environmentally friendly to use.

To find out more about 80 and 200 mm R4M Rogowski coils working together with M4M 20 Rogowski and M4M 30 Rogowski network analyzers here.


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