From a single App on your smart device to voice activated control, manage your home your way.  Discover the range of options from award winning touch panels, switches and sensors to control your smart devices.

ABB-free@home® Next app

A single app to manage your Smart Home, from the gateway to the evening kitchen scene set-up. While at home or on the go, you can use the ABB-free@home® Next app to welcome family and friends at home and keep a close eye on your door security.
Control lights, blinds, temperature, integrated home appliances, door entry system management and scenarios & automation set-up.

With the myBuildings remote access, one can connect the app to your ABB-free@home® system via the Internet and conveniently control your house from anywhere.

Touch Panels

Experience the convenience of our Smart Home panels. These panels serve as the central hub for your ABB-free@home system, allowing you to control your entire house or individual rooms effortlessly. Whether you want to turn off the lights when leaving home or activate a personalized welcome scene with a simple touch, our Smarter home panels make it all possible. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes, and customize the user interface to suit your preferences.


Sensors like ABB-Tenton and ABB-Trevion, for example, serve as more than just central control elements. They also offer automation and management of heating and cooling systems, along with room-specific functions like controlling lights and blinds.

Voice control

ABB-free@home® can be controlled easily via voice commands. Very simple, without having to learn special commands and without laborious configuration. The system understands commands like “Switch on all lights!” and even responds by saying “Okay. All lamps have been switched on.” It can also respond to the user’s questions such as “Are the lights still on?” Control your devices your way either via Alexa, Apple HomeKit Siri or Google Home.

Light switches

Enhance your ABB-free@home system with our wall-mounted light switches. These switches provide a classic way to control various functions. With them, you can effortlessly turn lights on and off, adjust their brightness, raise or lower blinds, and activate custom scenes. Explore our diverse range of designs to find the perfect light switch, and customize the rocker functions to suit your needs.  

Remote control

Controlling your home remotely from anywhere offers a lot of convenient advantages, like being able to open doors to family or friends, check the status of lights, windows, and blinds, or turn on the heating when leaving the office so it is warm and cozy when you arrive at home. MyBuildings portal makes remote access and control easier than ever. It merely bridges the free@home system with the smartphone, tablet, or computer all you need is an internet connection. The communication between myBuildings portal, the ABB-free@home® system, and the device is encrypted by TLS end-to-end. This way, you do not need to worry when exchanging data over the internet.

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