DYNlink is an ABB-specific sensor-communication and cabling solution that makes it easy to reach the highest level of safety using a minimum of cables and PLC inputs.


Cost effective

  • Reduces required safe I/O with up to 50% compared to traditional interfaces

ABB__Easy to Install_100

Easy to install

  • Fast and simple connection using M12-connectors



Safety and protection

  • Easy to reach highest safety level with up to 30 safety devices in series

picUsing Vital, the DYNlink circuit allows up to 30 DYNlink devices to be connected in series to a single input while still reaching up to Cat. 4/PL e/SIL3. This dramatically decreases the number of inputs and cables needed, since to reach the same level with standard two-channel safety devices, two inputs are necessary and series connection is not possible. (10 sensors would require 20 inputs.) Compared to OSSD signals, DYNlink only requires half the amount of inputs.

Compatible controllers

In order to use DYNlink you need one of the following ABB controllers:

  • B&R X20 safety PLC
  • Vital safety controller


Pluto and X20 can handle up to 10 DYNlink sensors in series on each input, whereas Vital can handle up to 30 DYNlink sensors in series on its single input.

Compatible sensors

The following sensors can be connected to a DYNlink circuit:

  • Eden non-contact sensor (only units with DYN in their name)
  • Smile and Inca emergency stop (only units with Tina in their name)
  • Magne electromagnetic process lock (only units with DYN in their name)


Tina adaptation units to DYNlink

Using Tina adapters, almost any safety device can be connected to DYNlink loop. The Tina devices adapt the DYNlink signals from Pluto/Vital to safety components with mechanical contacts, such as E-stops, switches and light beams/curtains with dual outputs. Tina is available in several versions depending on the type of safety component that is connected to the DYNlink solution. Also available is connector blocks and a blind plug.


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