Programmable safety controllers

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The Pluto concept enables simple communication, programming and changes to the system. Pluto reduces installation time in many ways. For example, its safe bus simplifies the connection between cabinets in accordance with PL e/SIL3.

The programming software combines TÜV approved function blocks and ladder logic, and is very easy to use. Furthermore, up to 32 Pluto units can exchange data without having to configure or program the communication.

The Pluto systems consist of different types of Pluto Safety PLCs for all kinds of machine safety application, gateways for communication with other control systems and encoders for safe position determination of machine movements.

All Pluto models supports the StatusBus functionality. Read more about StatusBus here.

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Pluto Manager
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Pluto Manager 

Pluto Manager is a software tailored for the safety PLC Pluto. Programming is done in ladder and together with the function block creates the structure of your safety functions. The software comes with predefined function blocks approved by TÜV to facilitate the work on designing the safety functions. 

Pluto Manager gives you a structured overview of Pluto’s, gateways and peripheral components in large and small projects. It gives you an overview and control of the sensors and actuators, and the reactions between them. Pluto Manager also contains manuals for the software and hardware that are connected and needs to be handled through the program. 

The interface enables to get the status directly from the Pluto bus. There are also diagnostic functions and the option to export data. 

To be able to load the program code to the Pluto module you need a license key. The license key is obtained separately by contacting you local sales representative. 

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