Flush-mounted installation boxes

Solutions for hollow walls, concrete casting, timber/log walls and renovation

ABB’s installation boxes and accessories are designed to be a complete installation system. Boxes are available for all installation applications and conditions, regardless of building material. The range comes with compatible accessories and piping materials, which make installing easier, faster and more secure.

With ABB’s products, there is a solution for all installation situations:
  • concrete casting / concrete elements
  • hollow walls
  • timber walls
  • renovation

The ranges include, for example:
  • Boxes and accessories for flush mounting
  • Boxes with rotating and/or adjustable installation ring
  • High mounting boxes up to 73 mm in height
  • Extension rings up to 60 mm in height
  • Accessories for various different installation methods, e.g. wall clamps, mounting brackets, box supports, installation plugs etc.
  • Strain reliefs and inlets
  • Models with RFID chips for easy locating

New products

AU5.6 mounting box with rotating ring

AUS74.2 mounting box for board walls Ø 73-74 mm.

Box covers are made of recycled plastic

Flush-mounted box selection

Build your own solution with accessories

  1.  Covers protect the boxes during casting and construction work
  2.  The height of the box can be increased with extension rings
  3. The green adapter ring, delivered with the box, is used in single-board walls (12-13 mm). The ring is removed when the wall thickness is two boards (24-26 mm).
  4.  Rotating installation ring
  5.  Fixed nailing/screw channels
  6.  Fixed inlets with locking device
  7.  Numerous accessories for inlets and knock-outs
  8.  Box supports for several frame widths
  9.  Metal brackets for single- and double board walls

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